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sdgouut's Journal

It's nothing to do with gout. Okay.
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I couldn't think of a proper name. Something catchy, marketable, you know. Zippy. I couldn't do that. So the name is, well stands for:

Self-Depricating Genius or Utter Utter Twat?

These are the things we (I suppose it's just me for now, but perhaps eventually we) couldn't decide whether to take seriously or not. Is that girl really trying to convince herself that dancing like that with those hula hoops is really symbolic of womens' struggle for sufferage through history? Is that bloke with the harpsichord and the stony expresion really taking himself seriously when he says that his own particular brand of prog-rock is better than anything Dylan ever did? Yes that's right Johnny Borrell, I mean you. Fucking pansy.

If anyone else thinks they can come up with a better name for this sort of thing tell them to keep it to themselves, okay?

Yes, Borrell. I'm still talking to you.
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